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  U11 Junior Wix  

January 2023

Junior Wix progression towards the Quarter Finals

Thank you for those who have sent through their fixture results. I appreciate that the weather and light has made things very difficult for you all.

Please see below an updated list for the quarter finals.

Thank you to those who have entered the Junior Wix, but will no longer be playing in the next round. I hope that you will take part again next year. Thank you for entering the Junior Wix. 


The deadline for the quarter finals is Friday 24th February 2023.

Junior Wix draw Jan 2023.JPG

The year after Mr Wix died, his daughters,  Margaret and Dorothy, donated a new shield to be played for by Primary Schools. In due course Margaret accepted the title of President, was Mayor of St Albans, and gave her name to the current Margaret Wix School.


The number of entries for this competition diminished with the introduction of small-sided football in Junior Schools but the appointment of Ben Reid and a change of format to 9-a-side (to reflect the current FA Policy) should ensure it’s future. The Wix has always been able to re-invent itself.


The final has been hosted by Mike Brass at Giles School (Stevenage) for many years, then at Harvesters FC (St Albans). From 2015 it has formed part of a Wix Finals Night at Woollams, appropriately a decent goal kick or two away from Margaret Wix School.

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