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Winner FVH Hero - Hayley Wood-Thompson

Our u16 Girls Team Manager Hayley is a National Award Winner!

Congratulations Hayley, We are so proud!

"The Football v Homophobia Hero Award goes to an individual who has shown dedication and passion for improving football, by fighting LGBTQ+ phobia and promoting better inclusion for LGBTQ+ people, making the beautiful game, a game for everyone! This individual could be nominated for one extraordinary piece of work, or for consistent work over a period of time at any level of football. The Football v Homophobia Hero should be someone who, for example:

  • Consistently demonstrates their passion, skills and knowledge in football and in the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community

  • Works in an innovative and sustainable way to improve football for LGBTQ+ people

  • Has the support of their peers

  • Is a role model and inspires those around them to fight LGBTQ+phobia and create more inclusive spaces in the game."


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